Will Our Veterans Please Clarify

Received an email from Jagan.

Will someone please cl;arify.

“I have been following the informative discussion on Group Capt
Suranjan Das’ accident on the Marut Blog. The discussions reminded me
of something and I decided to look them up .

I do not know if you are aware, but there is a HF-24 Marut at the
Vishweshwaraya Centre in Bangalore – the board there claims that this
aircraft is a Mark 1R (Reheat).

I am not really an expert at Maruts but is this aircraft really a 1R?
It does appear to have something resembling a clamshell canopy – but I
cant say for sure. I need to take a look at other pictures.

If it is a 1R then it begs the question. Were these two the only ones
built?. Why doesnt this aircraft has a bulged rear fuselage that Kapil
sir had mentiond in one of the earlier posts?

Best Regards



6 Responses to Will Our Veterans Please Clarify

  1. I every time spent my half an hour to read this blog’s articles or reviews all the time along with a cup of coffee.

  2. polly singh says:

    The ac also has unusual gun barrel muzzles not seen on any other in service Marut plus has four guns !! clearly a prototype !! from before the war of 1971??
    Marut prototypes were BD 828-853 (from an order dated 21.2.63) and 854-889 (not all were used. BD 866-68 were the prototype extended chord wings which became D1192-94 from 30.12.70. Almost certainly this ac is pre 1970.


  3. Dara says:

    From Groupie Chakko

    “Dear Jagan,
    What a wonderful guy you are. We knew we could always reach out to you. This is getting more interesting as we are seeing a lot we had not seen before.
    The strange thing is that we have a 1R right in our living room so to speak, not in our back yard, and no body seemed to remember.
    Thank you Jagan for your input. Keep them coming.
    Jacob Chakko”

  4. Dara says:

    Dear Jagan,

    Actually thank you for enlightening most of us and also for the nice pictures, always welcome here.

    Here’s hoping to see more of you, much more.

  5. Jagan says:

    Note to Self: Google first – then ask! 😀

  6. Dara says:


    Though I am ill informed to answer your queries, I was going through an article on Bharat Rakhshak

    He has mentioned this a/c no. BD 884:

    “India’s foremost test pilot was the unfortunate victim of this crash. At the time it was rumored that one of the engines had completely failed and that there may have been a partial failure of the second engine. However, the official inquiry attributed the accident to malfunction of the canopy locking system. The Mk.1R prototype had been fitted with a hinged clamshell-type canopy in place of the earlier sliding canopy, and the failure of the locks and the sudden opening of the canopy, resulting in rapid decay of speed at a critical stage, proved fatal.

    This set the programme so back, that the final stages of the flight test programme, using the second Mk.1R (BD 884), were achieved only in 1973. This airframe had a modified wider aft fuselage. The Orpheus 703 afterburning system had progressed to provide a 27% boost, giving 6160 lbs. (2 794 kg) of thrust, but the performance increment that it provided the Marut was insufficient to result in a production order for the Mk 1R.”

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