Those Were The Days……

Hi Kapil.!

By the way, (BTW), I was perusing some of my old notes and memorabilia, to find some more info on the HF, and I came upon a very interesting log book entry where in June 1967, in Cairo, Groupie Bhargava, testing our HF with the Egyptian E-300 Engine, also test flew their HA-300 aircraft.  And Kapil, my dear friend, I am honored to have been there with you in that HA-300 aircraft on three test flights.  See a copy of the log book entry below. What a pleasant surprise, what a pleasant memory. I say, Thank you, Kapil.  God be Praised.!!

I simply wanted to say,

Thank you Kapil……for old times sake..


Click to enlarge

Sir, there is a slight correction to your flying with me in Helwan. The HA-300 was a single seat fighter. What we flew together, as correctly recorded in your logbook was the HA-200, Saeta trainer. This had two small Marboré engines in the nose and had a good performance for an intermediate trainer. The aircraft was Messerschmitt’s first post-war design in Sevilla, Spain.

With best wishes and regards,


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