Putting it all together: A Long Journey

This blog was the result of a discussion in Mumbai in Dec 09.  Besides just having fun, it was to serve the purpose of being a repository of information, experiences, anecdotes, news and trivia which would be collected and collated here.  Subsequently when the Marut web site became functional, stuff from here would be uploaded to it. ‘Marutfans’ is just the beginning. However, even after the web site becomes operational, I would like to keep this going as an informal ante-room where gupshup carries on regardless.

When we left Mumbai,  Su established contact with Groupie Kapil Bhargava, who became a source of immense information and our mentor. More importantly, he got involved, inspired and guided us with ideas and contacts to both, start preparatory work for the golden anniversary in 2011, as also informed us about who, from the old days, were involved with the Marut. Having contacted the veterans, through them we got even more contacts and so the list has grown. I have also been able to communicate directly on email and cell with some and  got amazingly informative feed back.  What has emerged from these exchanges is that I now  realise what a fabulous story lies behind the Marut, in so many ways. I find this story totally fascinating and it has me all fired up.

By 2011, when we meet in Bangalore, I want to complete a sort of history with  the full story, warts and all, on the aircraft. A story that will hopefully reflect the energy and the commitment that went into the Marut and its life from so many quarters.  The personal dedication of so many people that almost seem acts of great bravery,  personal acts of professional excellence and devotion, the many failures and tragedies and the personal experiences and anecdotes of those that touched this aeroplane and the little tit bits of information that every person has to offer to make it comprehensive.

Obviously I need to pick a lot of brains if the result is to be anywhere close to doing justice to the machine, the people involved with it and their families. This is a request to please feel free to share whatever you may have in mind that can help. Everything and anything is welcome; contacts, technical stuff, personal anecdotes, experiences and history. The one thing that I have learnt from the interactions so far, is that everyone has some little treasure, which though perhaps not complete in itself, certainly goes a long way towards completing the picture. I earnestly request your contribution, no matter what it is. If you feel it may help, please come up with it.

I will try to keep this post around the top of the blog and all that one needs to do is leave your comment. If you  prefer to do so through email, please direct it to me. I will be most grateful to welcome and collect whatever you have to offer. There is no way I can do this on my own, am just not qualified,  or experienced enough or well-informed, your help will be most welcome and is most certainly needed.




2 Responses to Putting it all together: A Long Journey

  1. Dara says:

    Off for a short break till the 18th. Please everyone don’t delete this place, Im falling for it hook, line and sinker. 🙂

    God bless

  2. Dara says:

    Any and all photographs too are all welcome. In fact they are urgently needed.


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