Here you are Latika

Is this the one you wanted?

Courtesy Bharat Rakshak and Polly Singh

Click to enlarge


4 Responses to Here you are Latika

  1. Prakash Sanadi says:

    Thia photograph was taken by then Wg Cdr KN Pillai at Uttarlai. The pilots are Ganguly in the lead & Shukla. I was standing with Boss Pillai on the taxi track when he took this photograph which enlargement later became the 220 squadron Farewell Momento.

  2. TK SEN says:

    I have had the “Two Maruts” on a 48×24 inch frame hung next to my front door for more than 5 years now! Does that qualify me as a Marut fan? I managed only 4 sorties on the bird when she was flying, but I loved her.

    • Dara says:

      Having correctly spelt both Marut and fan, you qualify! Having flown it you get special mention.

      Welcome to the blog and we hope you feel free to share whatever, whenever.

      Incidentally the mounted picture was also the 220 Sqn memento. It occupies pride of place in my office for the last 15 years or so.

  3. Latika Sanadi says:

    Yup Yup yup, Thankyou!

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