Su’s Landlord!

“i was posted to jodhpur in 75 to the Daggers and as was the norm had to stay outside the camp. luckily i got a brand new house built in the modern style and so we asked the owner to put up some pelmets. he was quite surprised and told us that he had designed the windows so that we could cut out the filmfare covers and paste. it seems that then the light was shut out and you also got to ogle the stars. heeee heeee heee” Su’s comment in “About” brought to mind another story about this gentleman.

Mr Landlord  was someone high up, I think the Chief Engineer of Jawai Bandh –  about two hours drive from Jodhpur. He arranged for Chris and Su to spend a week-end there. They in turn invited us.

That’s us there – Chris on the right, Su with my son , my daughter and me. Observe the guy on the left very closely – he was  deputed to look after us. Soon he asked Su who we two guys were. Later, with a smirk on his face  and a roll of his eyes, towards the wives,  nudged Su  – “And  those two?”

We laughed ourselves silly wondering whether the question was a reflection on the husbands or the wives.


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