Travel Arrangements for Jodhpur

Folks in and around Mumbai,

Venky, Palit- Sheila and Eddie are travelling from Mumbai to Jodhpur and back by train. Thought I will K-Broadcast this in case folks from Pune/around want to hop on the bandwagon. The more the merrier on the “JODHPUR SPECIAL”.

Any takers.

Have fun,


10 Responses to Travel Arrangements for Jodhpur

  1. Suresh Rao (Surdass / Suree) says:

    Suresh and I are travelling by train on 19 from Bandra to Jodh, I think we have a large group travelling on RANAKPUR EXPRESS. Folks, can the reunion begin on this journey itself ie KHANA-PEENA!

    On return, as we were not getting confirmed train bookings, we are taking the IC on Mon 22 Mar back to Mumbai.

    Looking forward to teh journey to the EVENT.

    Take care

  2. Meher Bhavnani says:

    I had sent our confirmation for attending the MARUT reunion on 20th and 21st March 2010 but I think I blundered somewhere and the same went to some other id. Anyway this is to confirm that we will be attending – self is certain Bhav will be able to confirm nearer the date.

    We will be travelling by air and will do our booking accordingly.

  3. Dara says:

    I think it will be by air for me eventually. 3 tiers are a problem now. As long as we meet at the right time and place.

  4. T Venkatesan says:


    For the benefit of everyone who want to join the train party from Mumbai, here are the details:-

    Outbound (From Mumbai to Jodhpur):-
    Train No Dep Date Dep Arr Avl
    2480 Surya Exp 19 Mar 1330 0630 Avl/089
    4708 Ranakpur Exp 19 Mar 1500 0940 Avl/068

    Inbound:- (From Jodhpur to Mumbai)

    Train No Dep Date Dep Arr Avl
    2479 Surya Exp 21 Mar 1845 1145 Avl/092
    4707 Ranakpur Exp 21 Mar 1500 1055 Avl/0001

    Both the trains leave from Bandra Terminus. It is a 18/19 hours journey. Availability is for 3 Tier AC as of 24 Jan 10 and the max fare is Rs 900/-(one way.

    While going I feel Ranakpur Exp should be suitable,as the train reaches Jodhpur at a convenient time and while returning Suryanagari should be suitable.

    We have to decide to book early.

    Those who want to go by Air:-

    Flt No Dep Date Dep Arr Avl Fare
    9W2543(Jet) 19 Mar 1045 1300 Rs 5844/-(pp)
    9W2544 21 Mar 1405 1610 Rs 5734/-(pp)

    Only Direct flights with Refundable fares shown.

    Regards to all of you and your families.


  5. Dara says:

    Just took a cursory look on the net. There are two direct trains from Bandra to Jodhpur and the availability is dismal, 2 and 3 berths respectively. The situation via Ahmedabad too is not much better, Seats are available but rather limited and timings seem a problem. Also travel time is almost double. Will have to confirm with a regular travel agency but it seems bleak!

  6. Dara says:

    Good idea Shanta about separate reservations. Personally I think, lets decide on the dates and routes, then we can ensure that all take the same trains as far as possible. It would be best to make individual reservations as there is bound to be a lot of fluidity in plans. Not very difficult these days with travel agents doing it online. There will be no problems also of accounting and refunds etc.

    As far as I know, one can take the night train to Ahmedabad and from there take the Delhi Mail around 8 am and reach Jodhpur by night. Or else take a day train from Mumbai, get to A”bad evening and take a night direct train to Jodhpur reaching early morning. Will check out the routes on the net to-morrow and give the options.

    Su, thought of the drive but decided against it, too much both ways, not upto such long drives in quick succession. Would be fun though.

  7. Suresh Rao (Surdass / Suree) says:

    Sounds great. Suree & my joining will depend on Suree flts but yes for it. Should we reserve together but on diff tkts so that cancellation is not a problem. Can someone take the initiative of making bookings ?… Suree is back on 31 Jan.

    I hope Delhi folks also take this initiative and book their seats to travel together.

    Take care

  8. sunith says:

    i am thinking ( not possible) of driving down
    visiting abu/jaisalmer
    what do the folks think

  9. Dara says:

    I think I would like to join the bandwagon too. Could we also put up tentative details regarding date, time and schedules please?

    Suggest a last date for confirmation be also set.

    At present put me down as almost yes! Will be able to confirm once some details of the journey are available. Would be nice traveling together.


    ps. Do we also have to pay???? 😉

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