Early Days in Pictures

Extracts from “When The Wind Blows” by Polly Singh, published at Bharat Rakshak.

BR 462 launches for its second flight 24 Jun 61.Note the basic twin cockpit design of the fighter subsequently used for internal rocket pack, extra fuel or avionics.

BD 830 departs for its first flight in Nov 64

Oct 62- AVM Ranjan Dutt, PN Reddy, Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and Prof Kurt Tank

HAL test pilots Suranjan Das, Inder Chopra, Chu Chu Tilak and Babi Dey pose with A&ATU pilot Sqn Ldr Prithi Singh during a roll out function of the MkI A.

Missing from the picture is Kapil Bhargava.

My father boards BD-834 at A&ATU in 1964.

Marut_Under_Small.jpg (31852 bytes)

The aircraft now named the “Marut” (Wind Spirit) entered service from Nov 69 with 10 Sqn (Daggers) and finally equipped three squadrons (10, 220 and 31) with an additional AD flight to train radar intercept officers.  A total of 18 trainers designated Mk-ITs were also received.   By the commencement of the 1971 Liberation war with Pakistan only two Squadrons (220 and 10) operated the type from Jodhpur and Uttarlai.

10 Sqn Ground crew pose with two ‘locals’ at Jodhpur

‘Bobby’ Kasbekar, Jit Dhawan (CO) Brain de Magrey, Flg Offr Srikant, ‘Kaka’ Bakshi  and Flg Offr Batra of 220 Squadron inside a HAS after the war

Swan Song D-1205 , a serviceable (except for the expired ejection seat cartridge) late series Marut of the IAF museum is “towed” past the crowd at Palam on Air Force Day 1997. Note the painted -over fibre glass antenna fairings on the spine and fin tip and upper gun ports faired over.   Pic Courtesy : Simon Watson

One Response to Early Days in Pictures

  1. Prakash Sanadi says:

    Thanks for the last photograph, of D1205. I had got the red stripe painted on the fin in HAL, Bangalore after acceptance flight to high light the 31 Sqn Maruts. Thereafter all 31 Sqn A/c were similarily painted & it looked GOOD.

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