A Vote of Thanks

Two days from now, this blog will be a month old, . We seem to have made a slow yet steady start. My gratitude to all of you, who have donated of their time and energy to getting us on our way. It would be nice if we managed to get in touch with many more old associates and mates and get them here.  We will do our best to locate them and any assistance with this is welcome..

None of this would have been possible without the active help, guidance, encouragement and back channel support from Gp Capt Kapil Bhargava in Bangalore. He has been truly inspirational;  advising and guiding Su and me on the 2011 celebrations as well as about the blog. He is a fount of information and has enabled us to reach out to most of the pioneers, veterans and stalwarts involved with the Marut from its infancy. We look forward to his continued support and guidance. Sir, our gratitude to you and your support is much appreciated and we look forward to it.

Profuse thanks are owed to Jagan Pillarisetti, Webmaster,  Bharat Rakshak and  Warbirds of India, for his ready and generous acceptance of my request to borrow material from his sites for use here.  Look forward to contributions from him as and when time permits.

Many thanks also to Gp Capt Vikram Singh. Polly  is an artist, historian, Test Pilot and from what little I know, a prolific and enthusiatic writer. He too has readily and enthusiastically agreed to our use of his writings and material. Hopefully he will share his vast and varied collection of photographs also with us soon.  Polly has been ‘associated’ with the Marut from his childhood. His father, Air Mrshl Prithi Singh,  is a Marut veteran and was involved with the testing during its infancy. He was also COO at Jodhpur when the three Marut squadrons were based there.

A special thanks is also due to all those who visit and browse here regularly. Your presence may not be reflected in the comments , yet it is available on the blog stats. Please feel free to shed any inhibitions and just jump right in. We are all in the same boat and have much in common.

Looking forward to our continued association.




One Response to A Vote of Thanks

  1. Eddie says:


    One month and way to go.All your time, energy and effort. Thanks for getting us to where we are and I hope all of us assist you in taking us where we should be – on the map.

    Assure you of my continued support.


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