Random Collection: Courtesy Bharat Rakshak

Marut D1257 at Presidential Review

This HF-24 Marut was displayed at the Presidential Review 1976 at Chandigarh. Note the blanked off nose outer cannon.

Prototype BR462 on the day of its first flight

Crowds throng the first Marut Prototype BR462 at HAL airport in Bangalore on the day of its first flight.

Republic Day Flypast

Five Maruts in formation over Rajpath

Two Seater Marut Prototype at HAL

The first two-seat prototype of the HF-24 Marut Mk.1T, BD888.

Daggers over Delhi

Maruts, of No.10 Squadron [Winged Daggers], flying over Rajpath in New Delhi.

With thanks to Bharat Rakshak for photographs from their Marut Gallery


9 Responses to Random Collection: Courtesy Bharat Rakshak

  1. Mukesh Sai says:

    Sir aapki history jaanna ka baad mare ankho ma aanshu aa gaya or rona ko dil kiya. lakin ma hind ka amar veer ke kurbaani par aanshu nahi balke aapsa ya promish kartaa hu ki. ma indin army join karu gaa. aap mara ideal person ho sir ma apna promish jaldh he puraa karu gaa. “Jai mata de” “Jai hind”

  2. Sudhir Batra says:

    Correction to last comment. It is extended chord.

  3. Sudhir Batra says:

    These were the standard wing aircraft initially produced and later extended wing aircraft (D series) were produced which were inducted into the service. The handling of extended wing aircraft was better at lower speeds. Gpy Bhargave might be able to throw more light on this development and history as to why wings were modified.

  4. sunith says:

    i see from the numbers that this is a 800 series ac
    i never flew these.
    whats the difference if any.

    • Dara says:

      Presume they were the initial lot of aircraft to enter Service.

      “Marut joins the IAF

      The first pre-production HF-24 Mk1 (BD-828) made its initial flight in April 1963 and was joined by BD-829 and BD-830 within the year. Two of the pre-production Maruts were handed over to the IAF at a ceremony on 10 May 1964 at Bangalore and taken over by the IAF’s Aircraft & Armament Testing Unit (AATU). Joined by more pre-production Maruts, these aircraft underwent service and weapon system trials (the latter at the Armament Firing Wing at Jamnagar) for nearly three years before being suitably updated.
      No.10 Flying Daggers Squadron which re-formed on 1 April 1967 became the first unit to be equipped with India’s first indigenous combat aircraft. Of the 18 pre-production Maruts, three were retained by HAL for equipment and avionics development work. Two more were retained as test-beds for an experimental reheat system developed be the Gas Turbine Research Establishment at Bangalore. One became the HF-24 Mk 1 BX. The remaining 12 were handed over to the IAF.”


  5. Tony Garg says:

    Good work Dara.

    Just look at these pics. I think Marut is perhaps the best looking fighter, ever.

  6. Dara says:

    Please click on the photographs to see the full size.

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