Marut Trivia

HF-24 Marut preserved at the Oberschleissheim museum near Munich

‘It was India’s first jet aircraft, first flying on 17 June 1961. Unusually, the wooden mock-up of the aircraft was actually flyable as an air-launched glider.’ Wikipedia

Incidentally Gp Capt Kapil Bhargava was involved in the flight of the HF24 glider. His account of the flight can be found at Bharat Rakshak.

At the very least, the system did introduce a newly-independent nation to the world of military aviation design. The experience gained from the early trials and in the production of localized turbojets would develop the nations military power output for decades to come.”  Military Factory

The Marut became emblematic of the Nehruvian emphasis on industrial and economic self-reliance, deemed especially important in the realms of defence industries.Global Security


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