A Very Special Addition

We are indeed privileged to have Gp Capt Kapil Bhargava join us and a very warm welcome to you sir. In case there is anyopne who needs to know, he has been involved with the Marut even before it took off!

Sir we look forward immensely to your contribution here, which we hope will be very soon now.


2 Responses to A Very Special Addition

  1. Sorry Dara and all other Marutfans, I had not seen this welcome message on the blog so far. Or else, I would have corrected your wrong impression right away.

    Inter alia, you said,”. . . he has been involved with the Marut even before it took off!” This should have read as, “. . . he had been a little involved with the Marut only before it took off!”

    I made no contribution to it later as from 1961 to 1969 I was away on deputations to UK & Egypt. But on return, I became OC A&ATU and for a short while (the first) Commandant of ASTE. In this post, I had a lot of authority but no responsibility for the development of the Marut. But I managed to use my designation to clear several of its critical features. I hope to write about these soon. The general impression (assumed of course) among Marutfans that I have much experience on type or that I am in any way experienced on it is incorrect. Hopefully, you will all realise this when you see how little flying I did on type.

    • VK Murthy says:

      You are very modest Sir.
      I saw your contribution and involvement at Jodhpur as your COO.
      There was not a single accident and the turnaround and flying task was the
      It is a pity higher ups did not appreciate your efforts and took the credit to
      themselves. I mean Mansingh !

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