Once upon A Time…..

Once upon a time long, long ago we had a reunion.

If memory serves me right except for about five or six of us, the rest took great pleasure in making us pose, smile and cheese away. Well folks it’s pay up time.

Where are all them snaps? Now with digitals you can’t even say there was no film!

If you want please send them to me on email and I’ll make sure everyone gets to see your artwork. So please, lets see them snaps.

Also anything you want to contribute here, just email me and I’ll have it posted under your by line. Don’t feel shy.

Till then a very very happy new year to all of you and yours and have a rollicking time.



2 Responses to Once upon A Time…..

  1. Dara says:

    Hi Venky,

    Welcome back from your trip and also here to Mfans.

    Thanks for the invite and for being the first to give us a replay of that evening. Enjoyed going through them.


  2. T Venkatesan says:

    Hi Dara,

    The photos are uploaded in Picassa, web album. You would have got a link from me.



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