How To………..

How to go about writing a post and other stuff:

  1. Accept Invite: Click on the word Press URL on the invite (in blue) and then just follow instructions. Your name will come up on the list of users here. Thereafter as and when I get back here, which is a few times a day, I will convert you to being authors on this site.
  2. Check Whether You Are An Author: The aim is that everyone who joins now becomes an author. To check that, go to My Dashboards on the bar just above the Marutfans title header. Click on ‘Marutfans’ in the box that appears and get to the dashboard page with a lot of options in the left margin. Go down to Users – Authors and Users. Click there and you will see the roll call and against role you will see Author or contributor or administrator etc. against every name.
  3. To Make A Post:
  • Go to the top bar next to Dashboards – New Post,  click and get to the New Post page.
  • Keep writing your stuff and when done, go down and you see three options in grey bars – Publish, Post Tags, Categories.
  • If you want to Publish go the bar, click there and a window comes up.
  • You may want to preview first and then just click on Publish at the bottom right corner.
  • To see your post on the main page click on “Visit Site” on the left side of the top bar and you will get to the main page.

Anytime you want to edit or even delete your whole article come back to dashboard and on the left margin you will find edit option for posts.

Its just a matter of doing it once or twice. Try it out and then delete it or contact me on email and I’ll do it for you. Just don’t get intimidated by this. There is nothing you can do wrong and I promise you no one will be sent to jail for anything.

Good luck, its easy as putting a knife to butter. After the first attempt you’ll wonder what the fuss was all about!



2 Responses to How To………..

  1. Hufrid Mulla-Feroze says:

    Would you please amend my name. It should read Wg Cdr Hufrid Mulla-Feroze

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